“What [they] are doing to US”

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by Buck68™, August 13th, 2011
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Today I received an email with the above title. That exact title…except I removed the particular label and replaced it with the generic label, “they”. My response follows.

I did not look at the attached video, nor do i intend to.  Rather, i desire to simply fellowship with my fellow cowards… for all the usual feelings.   ;-{)}   So, I will stick to describing the literal meaning of the 6 words in the Subject of this email.

What does the sentence “what [they] are doing to US”, literally mean?

1-Any name of any group – generically, the pronoun “they” …means literally that ‘they’ are… all the same, feel the same, think the same, do the same… and so forth.    Thus, ‘they’, like any group label, is an expression of prejudice, a logical fallacy… and upon those two lies… a world of cover-ups & stories … “progress”.  Now ‘everybody does it’… do we not?  This illustrates just how often and simply ‘we’ convert INDIVIDUAL rights into GROUP rights; AND, self-evident truths of Creator-endowed inalienable rights to each individual soul … to “special rights” given to “special groups” by the “they” called ‘government’.  Generically, the em…pathetic process by which [somebody~anybody] tries to convert the God-given universal gift of individual liberty…to MY charismatic…tyranny.
It also illustrates that if YOU are UNWILLING to recognize that you habitually and willfully do… EXACTLY what you criticize ‘them’ for doing… then every act of feeling, saying, thinking, or doing this… is logically… what?   Logically, it is a SELF-confessed self-incrimination….

So…now you ‘re-know’ why i spend ‘so much’ of ‘my’ time … on MY multicultural, empathetic COVER STORIES?   ;-{)}

2-“Are doing”?  This verb tense grammatically indicates present continuing action.   Note it joins the verbs “to be” and “to do”.   What is as common …as foolish … as inherently conflicted … as the Diversity of human combinations of  do be doo bee doo ?    One answer:  Science.  Another: religion.  Another: whatever man ‘feels right in his own mind’.    I feel ‘so passionately’ about that.  ;-{)}  How about you?

3-“to US”.  Grammatically, ‘US’ is the object in this S-V-O sentence structure.  As the Object, ‘US’ is what ‘is acted upon’ by the Subject; in this sentence, some “they” labeled “liberals”.   Of course, the ‘action’ verb literally says do be doo bee doo.   Just in case that’s not ‘pathetic enough’, or ‘funny enough’, let’s return to the Object of this sentence, “US”.  Definitionally, literally, an Object is a …thing.  Inanimate.  [consider: it is just ‘this simple’ to ‘make’ a person…an object].  LOOK AT WHAT WE DO: how many times in how many ways do we make… a person an object… and an object a person?  What is this?  This is one way ‘we’… ‘possess’ by what N.O.W. calls “objectifying”.  We enslave our selves and each other by… objectifying.  We worship things by … personifying them.

In both foolishnesses…and in every such foolishness on the Spectrum of Foolishness… we literally and in every other conceivable way… DENY any responsibility or accountability for what “is being done”  “to US”.  “They” …”are doing” … whatever.  

So this simple sentence, literally demonstrates how…  the ‘they’ and WE… gyrate between the poles of “I feel right in my own mind” [i’m god] … and “I’m the innocent victim-object”.

So…us godly victims, natcherly, are going to ‘solve the problem’ … by my cover stories and blaming them?   LOL.   Just asking….   ;-{)}

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  1. Yolando Guzek Says:

    I’m still learning from you, but I’m improving myself. I absolutely enjoy reading all that is written on your blog.Keep the posts coming. I liked it!

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